Meet The Only Belt You’ll Ever Need: Anson Belts

Do you ever get frustrated with belts not fitting? Not enough holes, maybe too much length? Wish you could change the type of buckle and maybe the color?

Well, then do I have the belt for you!

*This is a paid sponsored post by Anson Belt &Buckle. However, all words and opinions on the products are my own and this is my honest and true review of them.

Introducing, your new and only belt you’ll ever need…

Anson Belts!!

Anson belts are hole-less (yes, NO holes), come in a multiple colors, with your choice of a buckle type and color to match your fashion style!

Anson Belt & Buckle is a local North Carolina company that reached out to me to try their recent line of women’s belts. I immediately fell in love with them once I received one. Then I got three more!

Here is what’s different and unique about Anson Belts:

  • They are making the belt hole obsolete. Instead they have a track system with 32 notches for a better and more customized fit. They are on the inside of the belt so the outside has a smooth and clean finish
  • They are all made the same size. A 55” inch belt that is made for 16″-50″ inch waist. (They do have options for a longer strap too.)
  • Mix and Match belt straps and buckles (this might be my favorite part). You can take off the buckle and easily attach it to a different belt!
  • Lifetime guarantee on functionality. Anson will always repair or replace the belt if something goes wrong.
  • Family business with unparalleled customer service!

Alright, so now that I’ve either sold you or you’re super interested in these belts let me tell you my FAVORITE part about these.


The belts pictured in the full box set above are the vegan leather straps in blush, black, and grey. The buckles are their traditional in gun metal and black, and the classic with a curve in black (middle buckle).

Instead of going to target or the local department store and buying one or two belts, Anson offers box sets. These are the best bang for your buck! The box set’s make each belt combo about $11-$12. You can get a 5 piece box set for $99, which gives you six different belt combinations, or choose the 6 piece box set for $114.98 which gives you nine different options. I had so much fun picking out which belt strap along with the buckle! They have a men’s line as well.

Here is a quick video shot of how the belt works! From cutting them, to putting a buckle on, and how it looks.

As these belts have a track system instead of holes there is no need to yank the belt back to put through the buckle loop. You simply pull the belt through your buckle and set it to the perfect fit. Unlatching from a notch is simple. The little lever pointed out, (in the video above), is pushed up which releases the belt from the track. Genius right?

With the amount of choices they offer for belts and buckles, your options are endless! Okay, maybe not endless but much more than you will find in a regular store. Go take a look at the website for everything they offer and see what you might like! They carry so many different styles for all types of outfits and occasions. They go great with jeans, dress pants, skirts, and dresses.

You can also check out Anson Belt & Buckle’s social media to enter their “Free Belt Friday” giveaways! This is a great chance to check them out, see how they style different belts, and maybe win a free belt!

These belts would make great Mothers Day gifts, graduation, or even a men’s belt for fathers day as well!

See some of the pictures below for how I styled my belt combos for Spring time fashion.

I’m telling you now, throw out those old belts and grab yourself a set of Anson Belts!! Click HERE to shop!! You will NOT regret it.

Thanks for reading!

~Erin, The Short Wife

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