Our Golden Retrievers: Abby & Kylo

Hi! Here is a little page about our two loveable, and furry golden retrievers Kylo and Abby

Kylo: 3 years old, birthday is January 29th, 2018. Nick names are Kylo Bylo, Bubba, and Fluffy butt. 

Abby: One year old, birthday is September 3rd 2020. Also goes by Abby girl, Abbers, and Abs.  

We absolutely love doing life with these two! We may be a little biased, but they are the best dogs ever. 

Aren’t they  I so CUTE?!

They don’t like the Vacuum cleaner, loud noises, or having their teeth brushed.

THEY LOVE PILLOWS. Pillows are the BEST. They are fluffy and soft and comfortable. They both use them like a human does. They try and steal their pawrents spot on the bed too. Here are some pictures of the pups with pillows.



Want to see more pictures of us?! Come follow our Instagram account for more fluffy pictures! Click here to follow me!

Thanks for reading!

~Kylo and Abby Byal

Oh and here are more pictures for your viewing pleasure 🙂

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