Golden Boy Kylo

Hi! My Name is Kylo!

My Pawrents call me Kylo Bylo for a nickname.

My Mom also calls me snuggle bear, buddy bear, bug, fluff butt, Golden boy, and sometimes she calls me a turd. I don’t know what that means though.

I am a Golden Retriever and I am 11 months old! My pawrents picked me up when I was just 8 weeks old and it’s been a party ever since! My 1st birthday is on January 29th. Woohoo! I won’t be a puppy anymore!

Wasn’t I so CUTE?!

I love my pawrents and my friends and anything that moves.

I bark when I hear people walk past the front door or the window.

I don’t like the Vacuum cleaner, or getting brushed, or statues of people.

I LOVE PILLOWS. Pillows are the BEST. They are fluffy and soft and comfortable. I use them like a human does. I try and steal my pawrents spot on the bed too. Here are some pictures of me with Pillows.

But this is me! I am cuddly, cute, I steal socks and shoes, I love peanut butter, and baths that involve peanut butter, running around, hiking off leash, I will you give you the best high fives around and I love you.

Want to see more pictures of me?! Come follow my Instagram account for more fluffy pictures! Click here to follow me!

Thanks for reading!

~Kylo Bylo

Oh and here are more pictures for your viewing pleasure 🙂

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