The Feeling of Relief

One of my favorite new sounds now is the opening of the door when Brendan walks in. Sitting on the couch, or cooking dinner, patiently waiting for his arrival, I suddenly hear the sound of keys in the lock, wiggling the door handle and the peel of the rubber on the inside of the door open. Hooray! My husband is home! It’s kind of like all of the little emotion people from the movie Inside Out are getting ready for the perfect time to capture that little glass ball of emotion the moment Brendan opens the door. The door opens, I smile, he smiles, Joy perfectly catches the moment and the feeling of relief has officially arrived.

Now, I can breathe easy.

Everyday I have this feeling. I look forward to it even if the day is horrible, even if Brendan has a bad day, even if he is home at 10 o’clock at night and amazingly enough even if he isn’t coming home.

On weekdays this feeling is good.

On Friday’s this feeling is great.

But on Friday’s after a week out in the field this feeling is the absolute BEST.

Today, Brendan will be home. It is the BEST feeling of them all. I can’t wait to have that feeling once again.

The feeling of relief is so good because of how our relationship is growing, its awesome. Being a military spouse, as I have said before, is not an easy thing. We are apart for the majority of our time. But, that is why our time we have together is so much sweeter. I seriously am so excited to see him every day. I never thought that my relationship with my husband would be like that where every single day I am nearly ecstatic to see him walk through the door.

When we lived in Nebraska I thought that it would be a lot harder to keep the excitement in our relationship growing once we moved, knowing he would be gone most of the time.  I was scared of what would happen to us. But guess what? This whole time it has been apart of God’s plan and I am so excited to see him every day he comes home.

I absolutely love being married to him more each day. I have always heard people say just that, that they “love their husband/wife more now than they did the day they were married” and I just thought they were bluffing. How was that possible to love more for so long?

Guess what? It’s TRUE! We obviously haven’t been married long, not quite a year, and I am learning that, that you love your spouse more each day. It’s so fun! But you know what makes it even more fun? We have had a few tough moments. We work hard, even if we don’t want to. But you guys, being married and walking through life with someone EVEN if they aren’t there that often, is so fun.

I am so thankful that my husband feels the same way, supports me in the same way and has a feeling of relief when he is home too (mainly because he gets a home cooked meal).

I can’t wait to have the feeling of relief. And a big hug, hugs always make things better too.

Thanks for reading.


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