Oh, The Memories

This past weekend, Brendan and I celebrated the Marine Corps 241st birthday at the birthday ball, and also Veterans day the very next day. We spent a whole weekend away celebrating, and we were actually able to spend a WHOLE day together doing things all day long. That hasn’t happened in a long time. I kind of felt like it was one of the first solid memories we will have of Virginia, and a good one too.

I also got a new phone after we came home from the weekend, and this is where the memories start to roll in…

After getting a new iPhone and setting it all up, I was starting to look back at all of the old pictures that were backed up on the cloud. I looked back through all 1500 photos and started at the very beginning, starting at July of 2013..

As I looked back through these memories I experienced so many emotions. All good ones.

Pictures of leaving my job in my hometown, the day I moved to Lincoln, the new friends I made from church, different events I was going to, and the first pictures of Brendan and myself. I felt all of the nostalgia.

As I was looking through them, I was remembering what was happening around the time the pictures were taken, what fun things I saw my niece and nephew doing as they were growing up, and I watched Brendan and I’s relationship grow right in front of my eyes.

I smiled, I laughed (hard, if you ask Brendan), watched old videos I forgot existed, I cried and I was joyful. All else I could think when looking through them was…

Wow. I am so incredibly blessed.

Even if I didn’t feel it back then or was going through a difficult time, little did I know where I would be today. Looking back at those memories and thinking about how blessed I was to be surrounded by ALL of those people, it absolutely filled my heart with pure joy.

It makes me so excited for in another few years to be looking back at our first years of marriage and reminisce through everything. Now I can’t wait to make memories!

I also couldn’t help but to pray and thank God for the position he has put me in. Even though I didn’t want to leave my home, it was good for me, and now I can start to see some of the reasons why.

Here are some of the memories that stuck out to me…

The picture of my stuff in the North room of my parents home, ready to be packed.

Reach Retreat.

The first pictures of my brothers family as 4 people.

A Christmas picture of Brendan and I.

A family reunion after Brendan and I were engaged. Ice blocking = wet butts.

A video of me tazing Brendan.

A certain video that happened at my bachelorette party!

Honeymoon pictures.

Moving day to Virginia.

And about a million more that I am really, really thankful for.

I will soon put up actual pictures to relate to these memories. So, check back soon!

Oh and thanks to Facebook, Brendan and I have been together for 3 years this week, Woohoo!

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Oh, The Memories

  1. So special! 😊 I just did the same thing today, not with a new phone but my old phone. It’s so great to remember the good times and realize how truly blessed we are!! Thanks for sharing. 😊


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