Meal Plan Monday #64

Happy Meal Plan Monday, Readers!

Happy October!! Man, can you believe its October already?

I have to say, living in North Carolina is one of the best things we have ever done. We absolutely love it here! Making some really good friends, staying busy, people visiting us, eating good food, great weather, and house projects. Life is good.

That being said, my in laws are coming to visit us this week and I am so excited!! Enjoy this weeks meals!

Monday // Salmon Burgers with Strawberry Spinach Salad and French Fries

What is a burger without some Fries on the side? Even a seafood one!!

Tuesday // Steak with Bacon Pan Sauce, Corn on the Cob & Italian Thin Potatoes

A good, hardy meal!

Wednesday // Sweet Potato Chorizo Taco Boats

Did I read that right? Yes, yes you did. These are super yummy!

Thursday // Baked Chicken with Sweet Potatoes & Broccoli with Garlicky Green Beans

I hardly ever do just plain chicken, because its just plain chicken. BUT I found a super yummy spice mixture that goes well on everything, so we’re going to use it!

Friday // Tuna Poke Bowls!

Yep, poke bowls again. I seriously just might become a pescatarian.

Saturday // Dinner Downtown!

That’s all the meals for this week! We hope you enjoyed them! Let us know in the comments below what some of your favorite meal plans are.

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Thanks for reading,

~Erin, The Short Chef

2 thoughts on “Meal Plan Monday #64

  1. Hi!! Do you ever post the recipes or links along with the meals? That would be super helpful! They all looo super yummy! Especially the tuna poke bowls! …and the chorizo taco boats….and the salmon burgers… 😋🤩


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