How To Enjoy Your Outdoor Space More This Fall

Do you enjoy spending time outside in your backyard reading, relaxing, entertaining, or eating? Me too!

When we bought our house in North Carolina one of our favorite things about it was the screened in porch that it has! It slowly became my favorite part of our home. My husband, dogs, and I love to sit out there, read a book, relax, have drinks with friends, and play with the dogs. As the weather cools down in the fall we will definitely be doing more of that in our backyard!

Need some ideas on how to spice up and get to enjoying your outside spaces more? Well then read on down below!

Add some comfy outdoor furniture to your backyard patio space!

We have a sectional with a table and it works great for entertaining, eating meals, relaxing, reading books (my new favorite thing to do out there). Find some good labor day sales and go look at comfortable furniture. If its not covered get some sturdy furniture covers to keep it from getting gross from the rain and weather.

Buy a big standing outdoor umbrella to keep out of the sun for when your sitting around your patio. Maybe grab some patio chairs, while you’re at it too!

And hey, need some help moving all of this stuff to your back yard or outdoor space? Hire some help from College Dudes Help U Move to successfully move that outdoor furniture exactly where you need it without lifting a finger!

They have all of the right trucks, equipment, and experience to help you with so many items! Maybe you just need assistance with moving a new dresser and a table, they can help! Trust me, if anyone knows how much moving sucks its me. Since we’ve moved five times now and our last one was just us, we hired helped then too and it was a a game changer!

Create or purchase a smile fire pit to enjoy with friends!

Since the fall is approaching so quickly, we love to make a fire and roast some hot dogs, smores, and invite some friends over to enjoy that food with. Go to your local home or hardware store and get a small fire pit, some wood, roasting sticks and have a little gathering! We also like to play some games too. We have a set of corn hole that we love to use on college games days, and to play with friends while our food is cooking. Grab some other yard games and get to having some fun!

Speaking of college game day. Maybe you like to host an all day event with your football watching friends! Its been a long day celebrating the big W (win), now its time to relax… in a hot tub!! Who doesn’t love to sit in a hot tub and relax for a bit? I know I do. Especially as the season gets colder and the winter season will inevitably be here, that hot tub can be such an inviting item to your space! Thinking about purchasing one to add to your outdoor space? Be sure to contact College Dudes Help U Move for your hot tub move! They are a furniture moving company in Charlotte that specializes in moving hot tubs. They have all of the proper equipment and tools to make this process easy and simple. Plus, if you live in the NC area you’d be helping out the local economy! That’s a win win in my book! They have Lots of different moving services and can help you get your moving job done with ease.

Other ideas include, getting some fun and colorful outdoor plants, hang some string lights along your porch or fence, or maybe even do some sort of fun landscaping for a more inviting atmosphere!

Okay, okay. Maybe you’re one of those types that likes to enjoy the cooler weather by yourself and relax with a good book and maybe a drink. After College Dudes Help U Move all of your new outdoor furniture, you can relax with your favorite book and maybe even take a nap.

Who knew that getting your outdoor space ready for fall could be so easy! We are certainly ready for it. Hope you are too!

Thanks for reading,

~Erin, The Short Wife

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