5 Ways I Stay Healthy Every Day

Its a new year! There is a new you just waiting to burst through your old one! A new diet waiting to be done! A new this! A new that! A new EVERYTHING!


Oh man, woah buddy, yikes, hold on, I need to breathe for a second.

And breathe……

Okay, I feel better. Now, let’s get to the juice.

SO, obviously, it’s a brand new year, 2019. And this is a post about the ways I stay healthy all of the time. And guess what? You have heard them ALL before. As well as the other 1,000 posts about the 12 ways to do this, that, clean, workout, walk your dog, blah, blah, blah.

I’m sure some of those posts have really great tips. But the reality of it is, if you want to get healthy you actually have to do the work.

Two years ago right after we moved to Florida, I decided just that. If I wanted to live a healthier life all around I had to work for it.

If I [you] want to live a healthier life all around I [you] have to work for it. 

Guess what? I did it! I’ve lost 35 pounds! And I’m still doing that!

Right about now you’re thinking “That’s awesome! Good for you! How’d you do it?” or “That’s nice, but what are you going to try and sell me?”

And I have two answers for you.

  1. I will write about “How” once I reach my goal.
  2. I am NOT selling you anything. I’m just telling everyone what worked for me.

Now for the meat of the post. Here are my 5 tips on things I do every day to keep healthy.

  1. Drink Water. 

You have heard this over and over again. But you know what? You have to drink water.

The amount of water needed for you in a day is half your body weight X ounces of water.  I drink 60 oz every day and I track it on my FitBit app. Even if I don’t stick to my other daily habits, I still feel great because I keep up on my water.

2. Stop eating till you are painfully full.   

One thing I noticed over the last couple of years is this: I can still eat a meal that isn’t good for me and be okay. Take only one portion or a smaller amount than normal and don’t go back. This helped with bloating, indigestion, stomach aches, and other things. It sounds easy but requires self-control.

Unless it’s sushi. Then, eat all the sushi you want.

Just kidding. Kind of.

3. Walking. 

I have a goal to walk 10,000 steps every day. Since we have a puppy, that is a LOT easier to get done. Take your kids for a walk, take a lunch break and walk for 30 minutes, get up earlier and walk in the morning. All you have to do is put shoes on and then walk. It’s that simple!  When you walk more, your body is more active and it burns more calories! A win-win!

4. Go To Bed Early. 

I’ve always heard that going to bed early is for “old people”. Well, if it is then I LOVE being “old”!

But it’s not for old people or kids. It’s for everybody.

And If you know me, you know that I work early in the morning (6 AM) and I go to bed at 9 PM every night. If you want to function at your best during the days you have to get good sleep. Plain and simple.

5. Stretch 

Okay, last tip.

You may think this is a weird one, but I do not. Stretching is not something people really ever think about unless yoga or running is involved. But I think this should be a requirement for everyone.

After I stretch and/or use a foam roller, I feel MUCH better. My body is more limber, relaxed, less prone to soreness and stiffness, and all around good.

Well, there you have it.  I hope these tips help start your year off great!

Thanks for reading,




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