11 Gifs That Show How Hilarious Marriage Is

Marriage is fun, right?!

You live with this person, eat with them, live with their bathroom habits, maybe have babies with them, and everything else in between.

The weird thing that no one tells you about marriage is how…. well, how weird and hilarious it can be at some points.

I don’t know how many times Brendan and I have said something along the lines of, “Wow, you know you’re married when you do this with the other person, or SHOW them this. We are THAT couple

Haha! Anyone else relate to this?

Well, here are 11 GIF’s that make Marriage hilariously fun, and maybe a little gross too.

Let me know the ways Marriage is hilarious for you, too!

1. All the Hair on the shower wall from you ladies…

You know exactly what I am talking about. Trust me, I am guilty too! But apparently it ends up so many places that who knows where or how it got there!

2. Yelling, “Hey Honey! Come pull this in-grown hair from of my leg!
Well, sometimes this one is not from the leg but from the “nether regions” or other potentially awkward parts.

3. Disgusted but also laughing a little at your Husband’s gas noises.

You know what I am talking about. When he says, “Hey Erin!” and you reply and they make the noise… And you ask yourself why you fell for it, again..

4. How weird and awkward you both dance in front of each other and in public.

Oh yep, no shame. Its fun!

5. Washing their dirty laundry, when you get a wiff you think “I sleep in the same BED as this?!”

We need to throw some extra detergent in there to get this stink out.

6. Laughing when they fall down or trip over something..

Oh, I know you’re laughing, I am too. Except I do make sure he is okay first and THEN I laugh. I get it from my mom.

7. Nudging them in the middle of the night when they snore

Oh Lord, please just stop snoring…. PLEASE!

8. Starting to laugh at them or with them in the middle of an argument and you can’t be mad anymore

9. Walking by the bathroom after your partner just finished in there

Gotta make sure you are prepared for what you’re about to encounter.

10. Writing “love notes” that are really just slight reminders to put the toilet seat down

11. Grabbing or slapping their butt in public

We’ve all seen someone do it! And maybe you have done this too!

There are so many more that I’m sure everyone has!

Let me know what things you find hilarious about marriage!

And whatever smells come out of their body, you love them at the end of the day!

Thanks for reading,

~Erin, The Short Wife

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