Meal Plan Monday #42

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Happy Meal Plan Monday, Readers!

Hello readers! It felt SO good to get back into the nightly routine of cooking. We’ve got some fun meals planned this week. Hope you enjoy them!

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Monday // Reshmi Kebab Chicken with Jasmine Rice & Naan

I have made this dinner one time before and it was absolutely DELICIOUS! There are a lot of small ingredients and it takes awhile but it is well worth the process.

Tuesday // Sausage Bowls with Roasted Veggies

I throw some red potatoes, broccoli, and squash on a baking pan with some sausage and seasonings and boom, dinner!

Wednesday // Roast Beef with Dinner Rolls, Jalapeno Bacon Green Beans and Mashed Potatoes

Holy cow, I am making my mouth water just by typing these meals out.

Thursday // Roast Beef Hash!

Roast beef is a GREAT leftover meal. You cut up whats left of the meat from the previous meal, cook some potatoes, eggs, peppers, throw some cheese on there and you have dinner! Super delicious.

Friday // Sweet Potato Ground Beef Nachos

I know what you’re thinking… Sweet potato nachos? But hear me out! Baked sweet potato chips with seasoned ground beef, veggies, guacamole, cheese… so yummy!

Saturday // Homemade Sushi Rolls!

I literally don’t think I could live a life without Sushi, so it’s time to make it again!

That’s all the meals for this week! We hope you enjoyed them! Let us know in the comments below what some of your favorite meal plans are.

Thanks for reading,

~Erin, The Short Chef

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