Meal Plan Monday #50

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Happy 50th Meal Plan Monday, Readers!

WOW!! I can’t believe this is the 50th meal plan I’ve posted!!

As we have settled into our new state our lives are getting busier and its so nice!

I hope you enjoy this weeks meals! I will have the FREE E-Cookbook coming soon!

Monday // Baked Potato Soup with French Bread

I have actually never made baked potato soup so I thought I would give it a try! We have hit the rainy season for the South East part of the country so this seems perfect.

Tuesday // Tuna Poke Bowls

We had a SUPER busy week so I didn’t get to make these and my husband was sad. SO we are giving it a go again. Thankfully I didn’t buy the Tuna and waste it!

Wednesday // Ground Sausage with Roasted Butternut Squash, Quinoa, Zucchini, Apple and Sage

Okay, don’t those flavors all together make your mouth water? I have no idea how this will turn out but I hope it goes well!

Thursday // Leftovers

Friday // Chicken Tacos

We are doing an easy chicken taco meal. Making an avocado cream sauce, sauted peppers, lettuce and pico de gallo. Should be yummy!

Saturday // Crab Cakes with Rice Pilaf and Roasted Broccoli

The main grocery store we have here has a wonderful seafood section! So I am going to take advantage of it and get the pre-made crab cakes (yes, I am buying something pre-made).

That’s all the meals for this week! We hope you enjoyed them! Let us know in the comments below what some of your favorite meal plans are.

Thanks for reading,

~Erin, The Short Chef

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