How To Help your Anxious Dog: CBD Care 4 Pets Products

If you follow me on any of my social media sites, you know by now that we have a Golden Retriever, named Kylo, and he’s been with us for a while now. We LOVE him.

He’s traveled with us for two cross country moves and our most recent one to the house we bought!

*This post contains an affiliate link. When you click on the affiliate link below I may get a credit from the sale if you decide to purchase from CBD Care 4 Pets. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Every time we move Kylo gets a little, okay definitely more than a little, nervous as he doesn’t really know whats going on. However, he has figured it out when the moving boxes come around, there is something big coming.

He even gets pretty nervous at the vet and doesn’t usually cooperate for them. He doesn’t get mean, he just wiggles and squirms a lot to get away from whatever needles they’re poking him with!

With moving he usually gets sick, sometimes issues with hot spots around his neck, has a hard time relaxing, and is generally not his happy, crazy dog self. But this last time around we had something to help and I’m SO glad we did.

We have started using CBD oil from a company called CBD Care 4 Pets! They have chews, sprays, and oils to give to your pets. Not sure what CBD is or what it can do for your pet? Then keep reading!

A lot of people use CBD to help calm anxious pets, and it definitely helps with that. But it also helps to keep their skin and coat healthy, good for their immune system, it can help with pain and inflammation too!

And before you go assuming that this is a sedative or a drug, it’s 100% not! CBD Care 4 Pets uses 100% pure CBD hemp oil that is made in the US, third party tested and has NO THC in it (the element that can make people/animals high). So we give it to Kylo every day!

The last couple of months Kylo has also had a few health issues and we have spent quite a bit of time at the vet. We also had a visit with a specialist for a spot on his eye. Normally Kylo absolutely hates the vet, but with the CBD oil that we give him he is not nearly as anxious and does so much better! Which puts my little dog mom heart at ease. He walks okay for them as soon as they take him back, he doesn’t squirm or fight nearly as much, and he just seems more at ease when we’re there. Big win!!

Kylo really enjoys the products too. The first time I gave him the chews he wouldn’t stop licking my hand because he wanted more. We used the spray on his food and he literally licked his bowl clean and pushed it over the mat it was sitting on (never happened before). So, when he sees the CBD come out, he is ready to take it!

Needless to say, we really enjoy using CBD Care 4 Pets products for Kylo. Want to learn more about them? Click this link here to check out their website!

OH! I almost forgot the best part! Use code “kylo” for 10% discount!! Woohoo!

Not sure where to even start? Use their quick online quiz to see what product will work best for your pets!

Kylo says go and get some for yourself! Enjoy guys!!

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