Meal Plan Monday #94

Happy Meal Plan Monday, Readers!

Happy June! Even though its not “technically” summer, whenever June hits mentally its summer, am I right?

Check out the yummy meals we have planned this week! enjoy!

Monday // Chicken Chipotle Bowls

Everything we get at Chipotle I essentially recreate and it makes a super yummy meal with great left overs! Do you pay extra for guac?

Tuesday // Taco Tuesday – Steak Tacos!

Who doesn’t love a good Taco Tuesday? I don’t think I can ever get enough guacamole and chips. Oh and queso.

Wednesday // Seasoned Grilled Chicken with Bacon Green Beans and Brown Sugar Carrots

Surprisingly, I’m mostly excited for the vegetable sides on this meal.

Thursday // Leftovers

Are you surprise?

Friday // Lobster Rolls with Steak Fries and Fruit

Seafood is a staple in this household.

Saturday // Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Tortellini Tomato Soup

Something simple and easy. Plus who doesn’t love a good grilled cheese sandwich?!

That’s all the meals for this week! We hope you enjoyed them! Let us know in the comments below what some of your favorite meal plans are.

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Thanks for reading,

~Erin, The Short Chef

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