Meal Plan Monday #101

Hello! Welcome back to The Short Wife’s weekly meal plans!! (cue the applause)

It has been quite the hot minute since I have written one of these, at least for the public. Life has been a little all over the place since my husband returned home from deployment. However, we are embracing all aspects of life and loving it!

I hope you enjoy this weeks meal plan. What is your favorite meal to make during the week?

Monday // Reshmi Kebab Chicken with Jasmine Rice and Naan

We are big fans of Indian food. And this is one of our favorites! It has quite a few steps involved but the result is oh so delicious.

Tuesday // Seafood Pasta in White Wine Sauce with Garlic Bread

If you’re new here, we are BIG seafood people. We eat seafood every week! Trying my hand a new recipe this time, we’ll see if it works!

Wednesday // Pesto Gouda Stuffed Chicken Breast with Roasted Carrots and Green Beans with Rice Pilaf

I needed a filler meal for the week and wanted to do something stuffed. We’ll see if this works!

Thursday // Leftovers

Thursday is always our leftovers night!

Friday // Cheeseburgers with Air-Fryer French Fries and Fruit

We recently got an air fryer and I’m still trying to get the hang of it. Gotta keep trying till I know exactly what to do!

Saturday // Homemade Pizza

I’ve gotten pretty good at homemade pizza. The dough is hard to get right but so far we both love the outcome of what I’ve made so far!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks meal plan! Check out my Instagram for all of the details! You can also PIN this graphic below to Pinterest for future use!

Thanks for reading,

~Erin, The Short Wife

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