Meal Plan Monday #11

Hey guys! Happy Meal Plan Monday!

This week I am super excited for all of these meals. Full of flavor,sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Our lives have slowly gotten busier and man, does it feel good!

I have started doing a little side work of my own and being out and about. We are definitely getting into a more “normal” schedule!

With that being said, here are the meals for this week!

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Monday // Roast Beef Hash

This is one of the best meals ever, why? Because you use leftovers for the hardiest, most tasty meal ever!

I’ll take the Roast Beef from this past weekend, roast some gold potatoes, peppers, bacon, boil some eggs, cut up some avocado, throw it in a bowl with some cheese and bam! Super good weeknight meal!

Tuesday // Lemon-Mango Shrimp with Vegetable Pasta

I found this recipe on Publix Grocery store website. They have a ton of good options and this looked amazing.

And healthy too!

Wednesday // Mulligatawny Soup with Naan

If you keep up with the meals I do, I definitely repeat some meals. This is one of them because its so dang good! I made it a little over a month ago and we are making it again this week!

If you don’t know, Mulligatawny is an Indian spiced lentil soup. Its freaking good too.

Thursday // Sheet pan Sausage, Rice, and Roasted Veggies

Sheet pan meals are one of my favorites. Throw stuff on a pan and roast it! So easy.

A lot of people use precooked sausage for this type of meal but I cook my own, make my own rice, roast all the veggies and THEN throw it all together to roast.

Makes for really good leftovers!

Friday // Salmon Burgers with Israeli Couscous and Carrots

Last time I made these there turned out delicious! My husband goes, “What store did you buy these from?” Then I told him I made them myself!

He was amazed. As he should be. Because I am an amazing cook.

Saturday // Ribs with Mashed Potatoes and green Beans

I have been wanting to try REAL ribs for some time now. I made some boneless, short rib ones a couple of months ago but they didn’t turn out that great.

So I am going to try something new, why is one of my favorite things to do, and hope it goes well!

Well, folks, friends, readers, there you have it! The #mealplanmonday for this week.

Let me know if you like this and what meals you make for yourself during the week!

Thanks for reading,

Erin, The Short Chef

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