10 Kitchen Must Haves

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Hello! Happy Amazon Prime day! I know we all love this day so much.

Y’all obviously know that I cook a lot. Like a lot a lot. And along the way I have found some items that make cooking life easier. And I thought I would share them with you today! I use ALL of these products either every day or at least every week. Not sure what I would do without them!

We’re about to buy a king bed so I’ll be looking for a comforter and that’s about it! But you never know what you might stumble upon..

*Disclosure: All links below are affiliate links from Amazon Associate. I may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you choose to purchase any of the items below.

1.Food Chopper!

I use this to chop up onions, shallots, peppers, nuts, and other items super quickly, and easily! Best part is it can all go in the dishwasher!! The exact one I have is from pampered chef, but I have also linked another one that might be a little more budget friendly!

2. Garlic Roller

You guys, this thing is MAGIC! Need to peel your garlic clove? You stick the clove in roller, roll it on a hard surface and BAM, perfectly peeled. This is the exact one I have!

3. Great Chefs Knife Plus a Knife Sharpener

Okay this knife is definitely a little bit more spendy, so maybe add it to your Christmas list. BUT it is WELL worth the money. Buy nice once right? Its soooo nice. I have made sure to keep it up and also sharpen it too!

4. Hand Masher

This masher gets used quite a bit in our household!! I use it to mash up guacamole, meat, potatoes, and other things. It comes in handy!!

5. Mini Whisk

Think you don’t need these? Think again. I literally bought these because they were cute, but I use them ALL the time. Trust me, they’ll come in handy! I might have three of them…

6. Small Seasoning Bowls

I use these when prepping dinner. I put specific measurements of flour, seasonings, liquids, and more in them. When it comes time to cook and I’m doing multiple things at once, I can just pick the bowl and dump what I need to in what I’m making! I have gotten mine from pampered chef (see a theme here! haha) and they aren’t very expensive!

7. Dish for Salt

This is so easy to have on the counter and add it to meats, and water for boiling. It comes in handy! This isn’t the exact one I have, as mine was a gift, but its very close!

8. Spill Stopper For Boiling Pots

Okay, this one is a LIFE SAVER! Okay, well maybe not life saver, but stove top cleaner saver. You put it on your boiling water and it doesn’t boil over!! Genius!!

9. Pit MIT Glove

You know when you’re pulling something out of the oven with a regular old oven mit and you can’t quite grab it? Then you need this. Its an oven glove! We have one that is a “pit mit” and I love it!

10. In oven Meat Thermometer

I would say above all else, besides a nice chefs knife, you would want this. Having a meat thermometer is a game changer for cooking. This way you know exactly when your meat is done or if you like it at a specific temperature. This one even has a timer too!

I have 3 of them!

There you have it! My favorite 10 kitchen must haves. Let me know down in the comments what your must have kitchen items are!

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