Update on the Byals. 8.2.17

I’m sure you’re all wondering where the heck I have been lately! Well, busy, and not busy at the same time.

We have now lived in Pensacola for 7 months, crazy! Time has flown by and it has been much more enjoyable than the craziness that entailed in Virginia. I can tell you now that Pensacola will probably be one of my favorite places that we will live in.

Warm weather year round, great people, fun things to do, right near the beach, and did I mention warm weather year round? Yep, NO WINTER. Being a mid western girl I thought I would miss the snow.. and then I sat on the beach on CHRISTMAS DAY. So yeah, I don’t miss the snow.

Brendan’s training has been going exceedingly well, and the schedule is so nice. Remember when he was gone like 80% of the time at TBS? Complete opposite of that now and it is wonderful. We feel like we have actual lives here!

He has gone through IFS (Introduction to Flight School). During IFS he learned how to fly with some basic and necessary skills, and even soloed in a plane that was called a Piper Warrior! Pretty cool.

Then he went through a more intense phase called API: Aviation Pre-Flight Indoctrination. A mouthful I know. I don’t really know what he learned there to be honest, stuff about weather and systems engineering and really all of it I don’t understand. But he did amazing and then went straight into Primary Flight School! (No cool abbreviation for that, sorry guys. I know you all were looking forward to reading another 3 letters and not knowing what it meant).

Primary has been an exciting, nerdy, and stressful adventure so far. Here is a sweet picture so you can see how sweet my husbands job is.

This is him after a contacts flight in the T6. The T6 Texan II is the aircraft that they are currently training in.


I’ll just say what you’re thinking in the words of my nephew, “That is SO awesome.”

On my part, I have found a super fun job working at the YMCA in Pensacola, more military spouses to support me and walk through life with, a great church, and according to Brendan I have a “side hustle”. I have been selling some front door wreaths a little here and there. Check out my side hustle here!

Other than that we are loving life in Pensacola. We are also going to love not having Winter again this year.

Did I mention that Pensacola has warm weather year round? I don’t think I did.

Thank you to all of our friends and family that have supported Brendan and I the last year and half. It means a lot in the path of life we’re in.

Thanks for reading


3 thoughts on “Update on the Byals. 8.2.17

  1. Thanks for the update Erin. These are great years for you and Brendan as you build your life together. Enjoy!


  2. We will be spending this winter in Florida in our RV. I am glad you and Brenden are doing so well! The wreaths you make are beautiful! That is a good pass time to keep you busy. Thank you for the update!

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