Emergency Anxiety Kit

I bet you have never heard that phrase before, “Emergency Anxiety Kit”.

You’re probably thinking this is something like a first aid kit, filled with band aids, ointments, wraps, medications, etc,. Well, this is similar but not the same.

You use a first aid kit generally when there are emergencies. Its a “just in case” box.

An Emergency Anxiety Kit (EAK) is something to have on hand all the time. Not just in case of an emergency, its there for a reason. Because people prone to panic attacks, social anxiety, or have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (like me), will need this every so often.

Its kind of like if you are a mom, you never leave the house without the diaper bag, snacks, bottles, extra clothes, and toys for kids to play with. Or your work documents like computer, pens, coffee, or your school bag filled with what you need for the day.

So, whats in my EAK you ask? See below for what I have and why it helps!

Disclaimer: I may earn a small commission from the links provided below. All opinions and thoughts on each product are my own.

#1. Peppermint roll on oil.

This is my number one go to because it helps with nausea and gives me a cool feeling. Because I use it so often, its natural for my Amygdala to recognize the scent and situation and realize that it helps me to calm down.

Here is one from amazon that I have also used!

#2. Gum.

I have a tendency to clench my jaw, muscles, hands, and feet when I’m feeling super anxious. So, I pop a piece of peppermint tasting gum to help me focusing on chewing the gum and not clenching other parts of me.

Order this directly from amazon!

#3. CBD roll on oil and CBD Tincture oil.

I use CBD when it’s a little bit stronger. I have the roll on oil that is in my purse, I roll it on my wrists and the back of my neck when I am out and about.

The Tincture oil is when I feel a panic attack coming soon. That I ingest. It goes under my tongue for 30 seconds and then I swallow. I genuinely think that it helps to calm the worst of my nerves. Really thankful to have it! (and no there is NO THC in this.)

#4. My trusty water bottle.

I literally take this thing every where with me. Even when I’m not anxious and I don’t have it its a very weird feeling. This is around me in the house all day and when I go places. Sometimes I feel parched when anxious and taking a few sips of water seem to help.

A Swell water bottle! My favorite one to use!

#5. Crunchy snacks.

A lot of times when I am anxious I feel as though I could throw up at any second. I always keep a protein bar with me and crunchy snacks in my purse. I like to have foods that are crunchy to help with the jaw tension and to ease my stomach. If I have something like yogurt or anything with a smooth texture I will most certainly dry heave. Super weird right?

I like to have things like pretzels, chips, dry cereal, protein bars, and nuts to eat.

These are the protein bars I eat every single morning, super high in fiber too!

What sort of things help you when you’re feeling anxious? What things would go into your EAK? I would encourage you to find out that way when those nervous feelings come you have something physical to rely on to help you out!

Also, remember to breathe.

Thanks for reading,

~Erin, The Short Wife

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